Where it is strictly forbidden to charge the phone: every second person does not know about it

We often enough leave the phone at night, but it is worth reconsidering this dangerous habit.

Experts urge to put the phone on something hard – you can not leave it on a soft sofa or bed.

During the charging process, the smartphone battery becomes very hot, which leads to a change in the temperature of the material on which the phone rests.

Some of us put our phone under a pillow or even a blanket – but putting our smartphone in such an environment can cause it to fail.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Despite the fact that phones rarely catch fire while charging, there is still a chance of fire.

On the other hand, completely draining the smartphone also has a negative impact on battery performance in the long run.

It is recommended not to bring the battery to 100% of the value, but also not to allow it to drop to the minimum value.

Prolonged charging at night may adversely affect the operation of the smartphone.

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