When to put your smartphone on charge so that the battery lasts longer: the ideal percentage

Many gadget owners know that it is not worth completely draining the battery of a mobile device.

If such an oversight is made very often, then the battery is unlikely to remain in working condition for a long time.

To prevent the battery from failing too early, the smartphone must be connected to the charger on time.

And there is an “ideal” percentage at which this should be done.

Photo: © Belnovosti

“Ideal” Percentage

It is good if the owner of the mobile phone has time to put it on charge at the moment when the battery level is 20 percent.

With constant observance of this rule, it will certainly be possible to slow down the fall in battery capacity. The battery will last a very long time.

But for this you need to pay attention to one more recommendation – do not charge your mobile phone up to 100 percent. It is desirable to stop the process at the moment when the indicator stops at around 80 percent.

However, the 20-80 rule does not require strict adherence. It’s okay if we talk about indicators “30-70”, “15-85”, “10-90” and so on.

The main thing is to allow the complete discharge of the battery and too long charging of the mobile phone as rarely as possible.

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