What is the best way to charge a smartphone – from a USB port or from an outlet: in which case the process will be faster

There are two popular ways to replenish the battery of a mobile device.

So, the gadget can be charged using the charger by inserting the power supply into the outlet.

Or you can connect the cable to a USB port on a personal computer or on a TV.

Many users are interested in which method is faster.

Photo: © Belnovosti

In which case the mobile phone will charge faster

The gadget is still worth charging in the standard way – from the outlet.

The fact is that in this case the device will not face a lack of current.

But when charging through a computer, the energy will obviously not be enough. This means that the battery level will rise too slowly.

Thus, if a person has the opportunity, then the mobile phone should be connected to the outlet.

It makes sense to use the USB port of a laptop or some other device only if the user does not have the opportunity to charge the mobile phone in the standard way.

Often this situation occurs during travel. Yes, the battery will charge slowly, but the owner of the gadget will be able to continue receiving calls.

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