What function should be activated on a smartphone while on the subway: few people know about it

Being in the subway, many users do nothing with the mobile device, do not “help” it in any way.

And in vain, because the load on the gadget is seriously increased.

The fact is that the underground is not very good mobile communication. However, the smartphone continues to “catch” the signal.

This is fraught with a rapid drop in battery level. Luckily, enabling one feature avoids this problem.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Which mode should be enabled

While on the subway (and even better – going down the subway), the owner of the mobile device must turn on airplane mode.

Other possible names are Airplane Mode and Airplane Mode.

To activate this function, just lower the notification shade and press the round button with the image of the aircraft.

As a result, all wireless technologies will be disabled at the same time. The mobile phone will stop “catching” the signal and looking for a Wi-Fi network.

Battery charge can be saved. The smartphone will not run out of battery too soon.

After arriving at the desired station and reaching the surface, the airplane mode must be turned off.

Thus, it makes sense to use “Airplane Mode” not only in an airplane, but also in another form of transport – in the subway.

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