The secret to instantly charging your smartphone: just press one button

It often happens that a person learns about a low battery level too late.

What to do if the smartphone battery is almost completely discharged, and you need to leave the house in a few minutes?

Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation. If you activate one not very popular function, then the battery charging process will noticeably speed up.

Of course, it will not work to fully replenish the battery charge. But 10 percent will definitely be typed.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Thus, the mobile phone will work until the person gets to the place where it will be possible to continue charging the gadget.

What function are you talking about?

First you need to lower the notification shade. Next, you should press the round touch button with the icon of the aircraft.

As a result, the function “On the plane” will work. Usually it is turned on while on board the aircraft.

But you can activate this mode even if you need to quickly charge your smartphone.

The mobile phone will temporarily stop “catching” the mobile network and Wi-Fi. Many other processes that slow down battery charging will also stop for a while.

With the “Airplane” function, the battery level will be replenished very quickly.

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