The error due to which the smartphone battery quickly “gets old”: remove the gadget from charging on time

Sooner or later, there comes a time when the battery capacity of the mobile phone starts to fall.

  • Common user error
  • How to avoid trouble

In such conditions, the battery holds a charge worse and discharges faster.

So that such phenomena do not make themselves felt too early, you need to properly charge the smartphone.

The device must be put on charge and removed from charge on time.

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Common user error

Many people always charge their gadget to 100 percent and even after that leave it connected to the charger.

There is nothing good in this: overcharging occurs, which negatively affects the battery.

The battery begins to “age” faster and lose capacity.

How to avoid trouble

It is necessary to disconnect the smartphone from the charger in time. It is advisable to do this long before the battery level becomes maximum.

The ideal option is to remove the gadget from charging at the moment when the battery is charged to about 80 percent.

But it is advisable to start charging the mobile phone even before the battery charge level drops below the 20 percent mark.

Compliance with the 20-80 rule increases the chances that the smartphone battery will last a very long time.

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