The Biggest Mistake When Charging Your Smartphone: It Turns Out 80% of People Do It

It turned out that the majority of smartphone users (80%) make a mistake when charging them, which can negatively affect battery life.

So what are these 80 percent of mobile phone owners doing wrong?

According to experts, they bring the charging of their devices to a 100% level, that is, they charge completely.

Experts do not recommend doing this, unless, of course, you want your gadget to serve you faithfully for as long as possible.

Photo: © Belnovosti

But why is it not advised to do so? Because when bringing the smartphone to a full charge, its battery constantly heats up.

Overheating the battery is fraught with the fact that it can fail much faster than you expected.

In addition, with constant charging up to 100%, the phone may lose capacity, and the battery will start to drain faster.

Experts call the battery level between 40% and 80% ideal for a smartphone, advising not to let the battery charge fall below 25%.

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