Smartphone draining fast? Disable these 3 features and the problem will be solved

It happens that the battery of the mobile phone is quickly discharged. As a result, the smartphone has to be charged several times a day.

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • GPS

Common situation? Then your gadget probably has a lot of functions that consume a lot of energy.

It is enough to turn off all unnecessary – and the mobile device will be able to work for a long time without recharging.

So, what should the owner of a mobile phone give up for a while?

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Sometimes the need to use this function really arises. For example, when you need to connect wireless headphones.

But most of the time Bluetooth is not needed. The owner of the gadget should develop a habit of disabling this technology immediately after completing the necessary tasks.


Searching for Wi-Fi networks “forces” the smartphone’s battery to drain faster, especially with a weak signal.

But why leave Wi-Fi on all the time? If at the moment a person does not use the Internet, then the function must be disabled. And then the battery level will drop much more slowly.

By the way, you should do the same with “Mobile Data”, which should be left enabled only when using the Internet through the telephone network.


If a person uses a smartphone as a navigator, then a location system is indispensable.

But in most cases, GPS, because of which the mobile phone is quickly discharged, is not needed.

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