Smartphone draining at night? Use this life hack – and in 8 hours the charge level will not decrease even by 1%

The battery level drops not only during those periods when a person uses a mobile device.

The battery runs out even when the smartphone is in sleep mode. All because of background processes.

However, in standby mode, the mobile phone should not be discharged quickly.

If overnight the charge level drops by 10-15 percent, then you need to take action.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Turning off the smartphone is not an option, especially if a person has set an alarm clock on the device. But the inclusion of one interesting feature will help save battery.

The essence of the life hack

Before going to bed, you need to activate the “Airplane Mode” or “In the Airplane”.

To do this, just click on the circle with the image of an airplane in the notification shade.

Enabling the function means that the smartphone will stop “catching” the mobile network and searching for Wi-Fi networks.

In other words, background processes that can cause a rapid drop in battery level will be temporarily stopped.

Thanks to the “Airplane Mode”, the mobile phone will most likely not be discharged even by one percent all night.

And in the morning, the user will not find himself in such an unpleasant situation when he needs to go to work, and the smartphone’s battery is almost “sat down”.

The main thing is not to forget to turn off the “Airplane” mode immediately after waking up, otherwise the person will not be able to receive calls.

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