Never put your smartphone in this pocket: a blunder of many users

Many people are accustomed to putting their mobile device in the back pocket of jeans or other types of pants.

  • The smartphone may fall
  • Risk of screen damage
  • The risk of deformation of the smartphone

This is a serious error that can lead to poor performance or even complete failure of the gadget.

Therefore, if a person has such a dangerous habit, then it is advisable to abandon it.

Let’s see what exactly the consequences of carrying a smartphone in your back pocket can lead to.

Photo: © Belnovosti

The smartphone may fall

A person can simply forget that he put the mobile phone in the back pocket of his trousers.

When changing clothes, the user can hear the sound of a falling gadget. This is a very common occurrence.

Of course, it is far from a fact that the smartphone will stop working after the first fall. But it is possible that the following error will disable the device.

Risk of screen damage

If you sit on a chair, forgetting to first remove your mobile phone from your back pocket, then the display can be seriously damaged.

It is possible that the screen will be covered with a whole grid of cracks.

The risk of deformation of the smartphone

Damage to the gadget is possible, even if you do not drop your mobile phone and do not sit on furniture with it.

While a person is walking, the body of a smartphone in the pocket can constantly take the shape of the body. In such a situation, the internal components of the device are damaged.

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