In which case the smartphone owner needs a toilet paper sleeve: an interesting trick

A modern mobile phone performs a huge number of functions, replacing a TV, a video player, a game console, a camera, a video camera, a DVR, a voice recorder, and an alarm clock.

Among the devices that can be used instead of a smartphone is an MP3 player.

In other words, after connecting the headphones on your mobile phone, you can listen to music.

You can turn on audio recordings without headphones. In this case, the gadget will act as a tape recorder.

Photo: © Belnovosti

But sometimes the sound volume of the played music files does not suit the user.

And this is quite understandable: if the “tape recorder” was turned on in a noisy room where there are many people, then the songs are unlikely to be heard. Even if the volume level is set to the maximum.

In such a situation, the owner of a smartphone will need a toilet paper sleeve.

How to use a cardboard tube

In its upper part it is necessary to make a narrow oblong hole into which the mobile device will fit and in which it will be well fixed.

After installing the smartphone in the lower part of the sleeve (on both sides), you need to stick pushpins, which will play the role of a kind of “legs”: they are needed for the stability of the structure.

As a result, a person will receive a smartphone with a kind of “speakers”. The cardboard tube will amplify the sound, so the music will be heard well.

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