How to hold a smartphone correctly: many users make a mistake

Many people “sit” in a mobile device for several hours a day.

  • What error are you talking about
  • How to hold a smartphone correctly

And there is nothing surprising in this: the gadget can be useful in professional activities, or it can be used for recreation (Internet surfing, watching movies, etc.).

All this time, the smartphone must be held correctly. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient for a person to use the device.

In addition, health problems may arise.

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The problem is that most people still make a gross mistake when they hold a mobile phone in their hands.

What error are you talking about

Many users hold their smartphone too low – at chest level, or even at waist level.

As a result, you have to tilt your head a lot. Most likely, a person will begin to experience discomfort due to the load on the neck and eyes.

If you repeat the mistake often, then muscle pain and vision problems are not excluded.

How to hold a smartphone correctly

The ideal option is to place the mobile device at eye level.

In this case, the person should keep his back straight and not tilt his head.

Yes, at first this situation will seem very uncomfortable.

But over time, a person will get used to it and understand that it is necessary to hold a smartphone in this way, otherwise health problems cannot be avoided.

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