How to ensure that the smartphone battery does not run out for a long time: 3 secrets to save battery

Sometimes users are faced with the need to extend the battery life of their smartphone.

  • Make changes to the screen
  • Get rid of unnecessary apps
  • Get rid of unnecessary features

For example, during a hike or a long trip. Or in any other situation when it is not possible to charge the gadget.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to save battery. Even with the active use of a mobile phone.

There are three tricks to ensure that the battery does not discharge for a long time.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Make changes to the screen

First, you need to reduce its brightness. A smartphone with a dim display is quite usable. In this case, the charge will be saved.

Secondly, you need to abandon the bright wallpaper. The darker the background is, the longer the battery will last.

Get rid of unnecessary apps

Many applications function even in the background. Those programs that the owner of the gadget does not use should be deleted.

If the application may be needed later, then you should not get rid of it. You can limit yourself to a forced stop of work.

Get rid of unnecessary features

It is necessary to disable the search for Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth and other functions that “eat” quite a lot of charge, but are far from always needed.

In addition, sometimes it makes sense to activate the “Air-flight” mode, which temporarily disables all wireless technologies. But you need to understand that in this case it will not be possible to call anyone. It also fails to receive a call.

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