How not to charge a smartphone: 3 mistakes that almost all users make

At first glance, it is very simple to properly charge a smartphone.

  • Charging up to 100%
  • Using a smartphone while charging
  • Incorrect device location

It is enough to connect the charger to the gadget and wait until the battery level is acceptable.

However, many users make serious mistakes that negatively affect the battery.

So, what missteps should not be allowed while charging a mobile device?

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Charging up to 100%

Leaving your smartphone on charge all night is a gross mistake.

The battery level in this case will certainly reach the maximum. The mobile phone will remain connected to the charger after that. In such a situation, “overcharging” occurs, which has a bad effect on the condition of the battery.

It is desirable to charge the mobile phone up to about 80%. And put on charging – no later than the moment when the indicator becomes less than 20%.

Using a smartphone while charging

Internet surfing, watching videos, listening to music or turning on mobile games while the mobile phone is charging, seriously increases the load on the battery.

There is a high risk of overheating of the device and a drop in battery capacity.

Incorrect device location

After connecting the charger, the smartphone should not be placed on high temperature surfaces.

A sun-warmed window sill is a bad option. A bedside table that gets direct sunlight, too.

The mobile phone should not be left on soft surfaces. For example, on a bed, armchair, sofa, pillow (and even more so – under the pillow).

In addition, it is worth removing the cover from the gadget in advance.

Ignoring all the recommendations described in this paragraph may cause the smartphone to overheat.

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