Elon Musk announced a major change on Twitter

Last year, US billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk became the owner of the popular microblogging service Twitter.

Since then, the social network has seen several changes.

And recently, Musk announced another innovation.

So, the service may lose the legendary logo with a bird.

Photo: Pixabay

Elon Musk wrote about this on his personal Twitter page.

What will happen instead of the “bird”

The owner of the social network wrote that in the near future the service would “say goodbye” to its famous logo.

Judging by Musk’s latest entries, instead of the “bird” there will be an emblem in the form of the letter of the Latin alphabet X.

In addition, he published a video with a possible rebranding option.

The service was launched in the summer of 2006. Twitter soon became one of the most popular social networks.

The bird on the site’s logo appeared in 2010. Thus, Elon Musk plans to remove the emblem with which the service has been associated for 13 years.

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