Do this with your smartphone at least once a month, otherwise the device will not work properly: 2 important rules

It is unlikely that any of the users will like it if the mobile phone starts to “slow down”.

  • Smartphone reboot
  • Clearing the cache

And such a problem will certainly make itself felt if the owner of the smartphone does not perform certain actions with the device.

We are talking about rebooting the gadget, as well as clearing the cache.

Let’s see what these procedures are for.

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Smartphone reboot

The mobile phone must be restarted at least once a month. Better yet, several times.

Long continuous operation is fraught with a serious increase in the load on the device.

In addition, a huge number of software errors and temporary files accumulate during this period.

Rebooting solves these problems and reduces the load on the smartphone.

Clearing the cache

The cache is a buffer for storing temporary files. It simplifies the work with many applications, as it speeds up access to them.

However, if the cache is full, then the mobile phone starts to work much more slowly.

Many temporary files that are saved automatically can be safely deleted, as they are not dangerous.

To do this, go to “Settings”, and then – to “Applications”. Choose programs for which you do not need temporary files (usually we are talking about instant messengers), go to the “Memory” section and click “Clear Cache”.

Clearing the cache once a month is a guarantee that the smartphone will function normally.

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