Do I need to turn off my smartphone while charging: debunking a popular myth

There is an opinion in certain circles that before charging a smartphone, it must be turned off.

  • Do I need to turn off my smartphone before charging?
  • How about really?

Is this true or just a popular myth – users are in no hurry to figure it out and many fulfill this requirement as a mandatory or ritual. Let’s try to figure out how to actually do it right.

Do I need to turn off my smartphone before charging?

There are several arguments in favor of this requirement. The most common thing is that the battery of a turned off gadget charges faster.

Energy consumption is reduced, and at the same time, the battery and the smartphone itself are less heated during charging, if you turn it off.

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How about really?

In reality, everything is a little different than the inhabitants imagine.

Everyone knows that while the device is in sleep mode, the system performs a number of processes and operations.

At a minimum, it requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth power, cellular signals, push notifications continue to be received, and a number of applications continue to work in the background.

But in the background, the execution of these tasks proceeds with minimal energy consumption, which is provided by the developers.

Therefore, to save money, you can disable only some functions, but not the device itself.

In addition, if the model supports fast charging, then it can only work when the device is turned on.

Experts note that if the original charger is used, then there should be no problems with charging and there is no need to turn off the phone either.

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