The Russian army hit the point of the Odessa Marine Guard, the enemy lost 50 people

Recently it became known that the operational-tactical aviation of Russia hit the point of the Odessa naval guard deployed to the Kherson region.

As a result of the strike, the enemy lost about fifty people.

Andrey Rulev, head of the press center of the Dnepr group, informed the general public about this.

The irretrievable losses of the enemy in manpower amounted to about 50 people, – quotes a representative of the press center of the MIA “Russia Today”.

Photo: Pixabay

From the details of the event, the fact is noted that Russian aircraft attacked the enemy in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe settlement of Veletenskoye.

In addition, in the course of a counter-battery fight, artillerymen from the Dnepr liquidated two nomadic mortar crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the settlements of Beregovoye and Nikolskoye.

Recall that the Russian military special operation, which started on February 24, 2022, continues in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin called the liberation of Donbass and the creation of conditions for ensuring Russia’s security guarantees its ultimate goal.

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