The first Saturday of August will give Belarusians extreme heat – up to +36

The first day of the first weekend of August will bring extreme heat to Belarusians – they promise up to +36 degrees.

  • Thunder, lightning, rain
  • Cities

In addition, in some regions of the country on Saturday there may be heavy rains with thunderstorms and strong winds.

In general, tomorrow will pass under the sign of partly cloudy weather, Belhydromet specialists inform.

Thunder, lightning, rain

As for precipitation, only in the south of the republic are predicted tonight, but in the daytime – in many areas.

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And in some locations, lightning will appear, accompanied by peals of thunder against the backdrop of fairly heavy rains.

The wind will blow from the south on August 5, during thunderstorms it can accelerate to 14 meters per second.

In connection with the Great Heat, an orange level of danger remains in Belarus tomorrow.

Night air temperature will be from +13 to +19 degrees, daytime – from +24 to +36 degrees.


In Minsk and Vitebsk, according to weather forecasts, rain and thunderstorms are possible on August 5. The air will warm up to 28-30 degrees Celsius.

Rain, thunderstorm, strong wind (up to 14 m/s) and from +27 to +29 degrees – such weather will be set in Brest tomorrow.

But in Gomel, against the background of partly cloudy precipitation, there will be no precipitation. But there will be a serious heat – from +34 to +36 degrees.

Heavy rain will fall on Grodno on Saturday with a thunderstorm and powerful wind (up to 14 m/s). Temperature – from +24 to +26 degrees.

In Mogilev, the 5th day of August will do without rain. But it will fry in the regional center – 32-34 degrees with a plus sign.

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