Showers, thunderstorms, hail and squally wind will hit Belarus today: it is better to know in advance about such weather

On the second day of August, that is today, Belarus will take a strong blow from the weather.

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Due to a number of extremely adverse meteorological events, weather forecasters announced an orange alert for Wednesday.

According to them, showers, thunderstorms, hail and squally winds are expected in the country today.

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Cloudiness on the second day of August will be variable, Belhydromet specialists report.

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As already noted, thunderstorms are predicted, in which powerful showers with hail will fall on some regions.

A light fog was spreading in some locations this morning.

As for the wind, it will blow from the south and southwest, with gusts it will accelerate to 14 meters per second, during the day even more – they warn of a squally increase of up to 20 m / s.

The air temperature on the first Wednesday of August will be from +21 to +26 degrees, and in the east of the country – up to +29 degrees.


Rain, thunderstorms, heavy downpours, gusty winds and 21-23 degrees Celsius are expected in Minsk today.

This day will turn out to be “wet” in Brest, where lightning and thunder will announce themselves along with rain. Temperature – from +23 to +25 degrees.

Rain with a thunderstorm will visit the city of Vitebsk, where the air will warm up to 24-26 degrees above zero today.

In Gomel, only in the evening can the heavenly office send down rain. Thunderstorms are out of the question. It will be hot – from +27 to +29 degrees.

Rain with a thunderstorm and from +23 to +25 degrees – such weather will be established in Grodno on August 2.

Residents of Mogilev today should not forget about umbrellas – rain plus a thunderstorm. And the thermometers in the city will show from +26 to +28 degrees.

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