Return halfway: what does this superstition mean

The superstition of returning halfway is the belief that if a person left the house and then returned for a forgotten thing or for another reason, then failure or danger awaits him.

This superstition is due to the fact that the threshold of the house is the boundary between reality and the other world, and if a person crosses it twice, then he breaks the harmony and attracts negative energy to himself. It is also believed that when returning home, a person leaves his guardian angel there and loses his protection.

There are several ways to neutralize a bad omen, such as looking in the mirror, knocking on wood, or reaching out to your guardian angel. But sometimes returning home can be useful if it is a hint of intuition or brownie who want to warn a person about some kind of danger or trouble.

Another thing about this superstition can be said that it has different options depending on the time of day when a person returns home.

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If this happens in the morning, then the whole day will be unlucky, if after lunch, then in the evening there will be loneliness, if in the afternoon, then there will be financial problems, if in the evening, then the scheduled meeting will not take place or go badly.

There is also an opinion that returning home can be a positive sign if it is a hint of intuition or brownie who want to warn a person from danger or trouble.

Some people believe that going back halfway means admitting their weakness and abandoning their plans. They argue that you need to go to the end and not be afraid of difficulties. Others believe that sometimes it is better to postpone your plans and stay at home if this desire arose suddenly.

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