Prigozhin announced the suspension of recruitment in PMC “Wagner”

Recruitment to PMC “Wagner” has been suspended for an indefinite period.

This was announced by the founder of Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

His voice message was published by the Gray Zone telegram channel close to Wagner.

Prigozhin’s statement

Prigozhin said that the Wagner PMC continues its activities in Africa and in the training centers in Belarus, is determined with further tasks, the outline of which is being drawn more and more clearly.

Evgeny Prigozhin
Photo: screenshot

Of course, these are the tasks that will be performed in the name of the greatness of Russia, – said the founder of Wagner.

According to him, now many fighters are on vacation after a long period of very hard work.

Prigozhin emphasized that neither he nor the council of Wagner commanders set any restrictions on the transfer of former and current PMC fighters to other power structures of the Russian Federation.

Unfortunately, few agreed to transfer from the Wagner Group, he said.

Prigozhin also said that Wagner is currently not experiencing a shortage of personnel and is not planning a new recruitment.

He noted that as soon as the Motherland needs it, the recruitment will be opened.

The opening time of recruitment centers has not yet been determined, – added the founder of the PMC.

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