Orange danger level declared in Belarus today: the Ministry of Emergency Situations named the reason

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus published a warning about an unfavorable hydrometeorological phenomenon on August 5.

  • Ministry of Emergency Situations warning
  • Weather forecast

The agency draws attention to the fact that today a high air temperature will be established in most of the country – in the range of 30-34 degrees Celsius.

What Belarusians should remember in such conditions, the specialists of the department told in the official Telegram channel.

Ministry of Emergency Situations warning

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus warns that hot weather will set in Belarus on August 5 and 6.

Ministry of Emergency Situations Chevron
Photo: © Belnovosti

On August 5, up to 36 degrees are expected in some areas of the Gomel region. In such conditions, it is worth remembering the danger factors.

These are:

  • death on the water while swimming,
  • the occurrence of natural fires, in residential buildings and at work,
  • difficulties in the operation of river transport,
  • increased risk of an accident
  • the occurrence of emergency situations on life support and energy systems,
  • high risk of heat stroke.

Weather forecast

Partly cloudy and intermittent rains are expected in Belarus today. Thunderstorms and heavy rain are possible in places.

The wind is expected to be southerly 4-9 m/s, the air temperature in the northwest will be +24, and in the southeast up to 36 degrees Celsius.

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