Mass poisoning with counterfeit cider in the Ulyanovsk region: there are dead

In the Ulyanovsk region of the Russian Federation, a counterfeit drink claimed the lives of 16 people.

  • Who is guilty
  • What is the reason

In total, according to the investigating authorities, 35 people were injured. It was established that the products under the name “Mr. Cider” were supplied by a Samara individual entrepreneur. He is detained. An investigation is underway.

A criminal case has been opened on the fact of mass poisoning with low-quality alcoholic products, RT reports, citing data from the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

It is known that as of June 5 and 16:00 Moscow time, 16 people died from the use of a surrogate.

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The first victims were residents of the city of Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk region). Here, on June 3 and 4, 9 people died in hospitals.

In the city of Novokuibyshevsk (Samara region) on the night of June 5, two more women died.
The media reported that among the victims was the seller of one of the stores, a 16-year-old girl, for whose life doctors are fighting.

Who is guilty

It was established that the victims and the injured used drinks of TM “Mr. Cider”, sold in draft beer stores.

Their production was carried out by an individual entrepreneur from the Samara region. He is detained. Charged under part 3 of Art. 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements, resulting in the death of two or more persons through negligence.

What is the reason

The investigation has not yet established what kind of substance caused the mass poisoning. According to preliminary data, according to Russian media, methanol, which is toxic to the body, could have been added to the drink instead of ethyl alcohol.

At the moment, it is known that during special raids in Dimitrovgrad, 193 kegs of 30 liters each with a suspicious drink were seized in 23 stores.

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