Latest news about the military operation in Ukraine for July 30, 2023

A Russian military special operation has been going on in Ukraine for more than 17 months.

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In some regions of the country, hostilities are underway, while issues of the exchange of prisoners, humanitarian aid and the evacuation of civilians are being resolved.

Let’s talk about the most notable events that took place on July 30.


Putin informs: the enemy in Ukraine has been abandoned and driven back.

Photo: screenshot from the video of the Russian Ministry of Defense

According to him, Kyiv suffers heavy losses in manpower and equipment, but the latter began to be protected: “they bring people up and leave.”

Russia hit the places where UAVs were produced, with which Kyiv hit the Crimean bridge – Putin.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out drone strikes on Moscow City and the Moscow region.

The Kursk village of Tetkino was de-energized as a result of shelling from the Ukrainian side.

The Russian army thwarted an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to transfer reserves to the front line in the Kupyansk direction, the enemy lost manpower and armored personnel carriers before the separation.

The Russian military destroyed 25 Ukrainian UAVs in the Crimean region.

And on the Kuzemovsky section of the Kupyan direction, they captured 2 strongholds, 2 observation posts and 3 dugouts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian troops knocked out a Swedish CV-90 infantry fighting vehicle with a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher, its commander was killed, the survivors fled.

During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continued unsuccessful attempts to attack in the Donetsk, Yuzhno-Donetsk and Krasnolimansk directions, – the Russian Defense Ministry.


The Ministry of Defense commented on the attack on Moscow and the region: 1 Ukrainian drone was shot down by air defense in the sky over the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

Another 2 UAVs were suppressed by electronic warfare – they crashed on the territory of the Moscow City complex.

The State Duma said that Kyiv will answer for the UAV attack on Moscow.

The number of people who applied to hospitals after the terrorist attack in Taganrog increased to 22 people.

A court in Moscow arrested a Petersburger on suspicion of treason.

In Mari El, a hurricane covered tents with people with trees: there are injured and dead.

Almost 70 people were injured, another 9 died in the territory of the Volga Federal District as a result of bad weather – Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The failure occurred in the work of the Telegram messenger in Russia.


Putin visited Kronstadt together with the African guests of the naval parade.

Putin sent a personal message to Kim Jong-un and arranged for a conversation with Erdogan.

The President of the Russian Federation said that the peace plan for Ukraine and the grain deal are in no way connected with each other.

He also informed that the provisions of the African Peace Initiative in Ukraine are being implemented, for example, the exchange of prisoners, humanitarian issues, etc.

However, some other points, according to him, are difficult to implement. This included a ceasefire.

Putin said that no one wants any clashes between Russia and NATO, but if someone wants to, “we are ready.”

Speaking about the situation in Ukraine, he noted: this could be the beginning of the path to the rejection of the western territories in favor of Poland.

Putin notes the rise in prices on the world market after Russia’s withdrawal from the grain deal and promises to share part of the income received by the Russian Federation with the poorest countries.


An air raid alert was announced in the morning in Cherkasy, Poltava, Kharkiv, Kirovograd, Dnepropetrovsk, and Mykolaiv regions.

Later, sirens sounded again in several regions, including Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Poltava regions.

The media write that Zelensky could have revealed the location of the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine before Russia destroyed it.

The mayor of Donetsk said that the Kuibyshevsky district of the city is under massive shelling, there are victims.

Zelensky was warned: the situation in Ukraine has become so tense that it is getting out of the control of the authorities and is fraught with a civil war.

In Kyiv, they were horrified by Zelensky’s statement about Russia.


The United States is sounding the alarm because of the “malicious Chinese code” and predicting the end of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The American politician exposed the Western media in lies about Putin.

Elon Musk interfered with the strategy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by refusing to connect Starlink near the Crimea.

In the world

The media reported on the training in the UK of over 2,000 Ukrainian special forces to seize the Crimea.

The Pope urged Moscow to resume the grain deal.

Saudi Arabia plans to hold talks on Ukraine in August without Russia’s participation.

Residents of Niger rose to protest against France, in response, the West African Community gave the rebels a week to return the president to power.

Otherwise, they promised to use “all measures”, including military ones.

In Pakistan, a suicide bomber staged a terrorist attack: about 40 people were killed, about 200 were injured.

A scandal erupted in Poland over anti-Ukrainian banners, and protests resumed in Israel.

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