In Belarus, colleges have increased the enrollment of applicants for a number of specialties

Belarus has identified vocational specialties for which colleges have been given permission to increase enrollment.

The corresponding decision is contained in the resolution of the Ministry of Education number 203 of July 24.

The document (the official name is “On the list of vocational education specialties most in demand by the economy”) is published on the legal Internet portal of the republic.

The resolution includes 94 specialties, among which there are such as “general construction work”, “welding work”, “land improvement”.

Photo: © Belnovosti

The specialties “production of bakery products”, “vegetable growing, horticulture and beekeeping”, “provision of social services” are also indicated.

There are also “repair of agricultural machinery”, “manufacturing of printed products”, “chemical water treatment”, and a number of other specialties.

The condition for increasing the recruitment for these specialties are cases when the customer organizations notify of an additional need for specialists.

Colleges can adjust the enrollment figures for the specialties most in demand by the economy (full-time education) until August 22.

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