General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Krivonos told how quickly Russian troops can reach Kyiv

When asked how long it might take Russian troops to take Kyiv, retired Ukrainian Major General Sergei Krivonos answered.

The prognosis turned out to be disappointing. According to a military expert, the Russian army needs less than a day for this.

In fact, recognizing the superiority of the Russian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian officer said that the Russian army could be near Kiev in just 12 hours.

According to Sergei Krivonos, Ukrainian politicians needlessly underestimate the capabilities of the Russian army.

Military equipment
Photo: © Belnovosti

The consequences of such decisions can be serious.

Military experts, including me, warned that they could reach Kiev in 12 hours,” Rossiya Segodnya MIA quotes an excerpt from an interview with a Ukrainian officer broadcast on the Pryamiy TV channel.

Assessing the actions of Vladimir Zelensky, General Krivonos speaks of a serious mistake.

Due to the fact that the authorities of the country underestimated the capabilities of the Russian army, the situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may worsen.

This is not the first statement by Sergei Krivonos about the capabilities of the Russian army.

Earlier, he stated that the RF Armed Forces have a significant advantage over the Armed Forces of Ukraine, having better equipment and state support.

It is worth recalling that according to the data of the Russian Ministry of Defense, during the two months of the counteroffensive, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in manpower exceeded 43 thousand people.

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