During the attack of the Ukrainian drone near Kursk, the Church of the Intercession was damaged

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to strike at peaceful targets in the depths of Russia with the help of drones. During one of these attacks, an Orthodox church was damaged in the Kursk region.

Some details of the incident have become known, which were revealed by the governor of the region Roman Starovoit.

A Ukrainian drone attacked civilian objects in the village of Rylsk, Kursk region, Rossiya Segodnya reports with reference to the official’s Telegram channel.

So it became known that several explosive devices were dropped from the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Temple Dome
Photo: © Belnovosti

As a result of damage, the Church of the Intercession and two administrative buildings in n. Rylsk settlement.

There are no victims or injured. Windows were broken in administrative buildings and the temple itself.

According to the governor of the Kursk region Starovoit, representatives of the investigating authorities and law enforcement agencies arrived at the scene.

The population was reminded of the security measures in case of detection of debris and other items.

In this case, you should not touch the objects, but seek help from law enforcement officers.

Recall that the Kursk region is regularly shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the Bryansk, Belgorod and Crimean peninsulas.

A yellow level of terrorist threat has been introduced on the territory of these regions.

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