Victoria Beckham was slammed for Meghan Markle’s dress PHOTOS

Victoria Beckham has drawn the ire of the web and fashion critics. The soccer wife allowed herself for the second time to play with an outfit that her friend Meghan Markle appeared with some time ago.

But this time, the former Spajska probably got in the way, because the critics slandered her.

Victoria Beckham stabbed her friend Meghan Markle in the back with this confession!

During her pregnancy, the Duchess of Sussex appeared at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day dressed head-to-toe in a white gown by the designer.

The outfit, decorated with a calligraphic print, was first worn by Mrs. Beckham at the wedding of soccer player Sergio Ramos in June of this year.

Now, however, there is no trace of the elegant dress. The print itself has been slightly altered. The waist is significantly lower and can be worn with a narrow belt.

Stars don’t stop wearing these iconic items, and there’s definitely a reason why PHOTOS

There are also changes in the neck area. If before there was something like a tie, now the designer has put a flower. The sleeves are wider and much longer.

Overall, the outfit is more voluminous and no longer accentuates Mrs Beckham’s slender figure. However, she likes him and has decided to go for a walk with him.

Icon Victoria Beckham brought something very comfortable back into fashion (PHOTOS)

However, a large number of fashion bloggers are adamant that it is a total failure.

“Vicky, what are you wearing?”, “Why did you change this beautiful dress?”, “The skirt is disgusting”, are just some of the comments that her creation provoked. /jenata.

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