Twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wowed their fans with this VIDEO

Twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen recorded a video greeting for Cara Delevingne’s friend, but their fans did not pay attention to it at all, because their thoughts were occupied with something else.

Their fans keep asking themselves why the actresses look older than their parents?

Famous sisters appear on social networks extremely rarely. Perhaps that is why each of their posts becomes a real event for their fans. So it happened now, when on December 18, the two used social networks for a very unusual and pleasant mission.

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The actresses decided to congratulate the friend of the model Cara Delevingne – Ashley Benson, on her birthday with the help of a video. In addition to the warm wishes, Mary-Kate and Ashley indicated that they are looking forward to meeting the birthday girl.

And she, in turn, shared the cute clip on her Instagram profile.

Check out this Instagram post.

Dreams do come true

A post shared by Ashley Benson (@ashleybenson) on

The video was also shared on Twitter by a user with the nickname Jarett Wieselman, who does not fail to praise the famous twins.

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But not everyone agreed with his opinion. They did not pay any attention to the sweet message, but to the appearance of the two stars.

“Why do they look like that?”, “Why do the Olson twins, who are my age, use the camera like my parents and why do they look like that?” and “Isn’t this some kind of game like ‘Grey Gardens’? Why do they look 50 years old?” are just some of the comments that rained down on the post.

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Users took notice of the twins’ distinctive look and quickly realized that their slicked-back hair and black glasses warranted them a role in the cult film The Matrix.

“It’s cool they’re in The Matrix,” wrote Jerry Lambert.

All attention is focused on the appearance of the twins, and the comments are not flattering at all.

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“With a Snapchat filter, my four-year-old daughter looks like one of the Olsen twins,” notes one user. /jenata.

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