These jeans elongate the legs, every woman should have them

There is nothing more versatile, comfortable and at the same time practical than jeans. Everyone knows that there is no person on this earth who does not have such a garment in his wardrobe.

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Each of us has jeans in different colors, lengths and sizes, and each of us has a saved pair “I hope I can get into them again” or so-called. “skinny jeans”.

Kidding aside. Kendall Jenner reveals which jeans model every woman should have in her wardrobe. They can make you look much better and slimmer.

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Her choice falls on white jeans with a straight leg and a high waist. This effectively emphasizes both the thighs and the buttocks. But most importantly, thanks to this straight cut and high waist, these jeans elongate the star’s legs and make them look slimmer.

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In this case, Kendall decided to complete her casual look with a voluminous sweatshirt in a light blue shade and orange sneakers./jenata.

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