These 5 hairstyles will age you, forget about them

For more than two months we were in isolation, sitting at home and just dreaming from our hearts about the time when summer will come, the virus will give way to the heat and we can indulge in fun and beautification.

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Well, it turns out that K-19 is more stubborn than the experts thought, but we can now go to the salon and do something about ourselves and our appearance and, even fanatically observing the three D’s, go to the sea or fun

When we talk about changing our hairstyle, many of us decide on more drastic changes after, for example, falling in love with the look of a Hollywood actress.

We appreciate your fighting spirit and willingness to make changes, but unfortunately, we have to warn you that sometimes celebrity hairstyles are not the right solution for everyone and that they are also wrong.

There are some hairstyles that, no matter how much you like them, you should never get them because they will instantly add a few years to your look. Just forget about them if you want to look really good and younger.

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Square with straight bangs

Smooth and symmetrical lines actually emphasize wrinkles and add a few years to even very young girls. We recommend that you abandon this hairstyle in favor of a layered hairstyle and more waves in the hair. This will make you look a little younger and your hair thicker.

Long hair on a line

This hairstyle may suit 20-year-olds, but it looks ridiculous on a 40-year-old woman, to say the least. This is because over time hair loses its shine and thickness.

Do not be inspired by the images of Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston, because actresses are rather the exception than the rule. Opt for a mid-shoulder length instead.

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Hairstyles without bangs

We’re talking about those ragged side bangs, or the complete lack of them, that are very popular this season. Why do hairstyles without bangs make you look old? Very simple – this way your forehead remains exposed. It is one of the areas where everyone has the most wrinkles because of the facial expressions we make.


Miley Cyrus is predicting the return of this hairstyle, popular among performers in the 1970s. This season, this hairstyle has really become very popular, but you have to admit that with it, even the beautiful 27-year-old singer looks older than she is. We advise ladies, especially those over 40, not to bet on this trend.


And more precisely, its shortest version. This hairstyle adds years to even the youngest girls, and your face and every flaw is exposed to the world (including every wrinkle).

This hairstyle makes your look tougher and sharper and less feminine. /jenata.

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