The secret is out: Meghan hates Kate to death because… PICTURES

Despite the fact that 38-year-old Kate Middleton and 38-year-old Meghan Markle always seemed friendly in public, “behind the scenes” things are not like that at all, and it’s no secret that their relationship is actually quite strained.

From jenata. we recall that some time ago it became clear that Meghan has ruined Kate and Prince William’s family. It was further understood that the former Hollywood actress brutally screwed the Duchess of Cambridge, who is still furious about it to this day.

However, now more scandalous and spicy secrets have surfaced from Buckingham Palace, which make it clear why Meghan hates Kate so much.

A new excerpt from the book In Search of Freedom: Harry, Meghan and the Building of the Modern Royal Family, published in the British newspaper The Sunday Times, focuses on the relationship between Princes William and Harry, as well as their wives Kate and Meghan.

Thus, its authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Daran write that the Duchess of Cambridge has done nothing to bridge the gap in the relationship between her husband and his brother, and also to help Meghan enter the royal family.

The book claims that the alleged deterioration of relations between Harry and William began when William expressed concern about how quickly his brother’s relationship with Meghan was developing.

Prince William has revealed a major family problem! He and Kate get angry because of… PICTURES

“He wanted to make sure she had the right intentions and that his brother wasn’t ‘blinded by passion.’

Of course, it wasn’t her responsibility, but Kate couldn’t get over this rift between Harry and William. She was very devoted to her husband and his family,” the book’s authors write.

At the same time, they note that despite the fact that the press constantly invented huge scandals between the two duchesses, there is no direct enmity between them.

“Meghan has come to terms with the idea that she and Kate were not best friends. Their relationship hasn’t progressed much since she started dating Harry.

A secret has emerged from Meghan Markle’s life before she fell in love with Prince Harry

It is likely that Meghan at first understood the caution of Kate, who was in no hurry to form a close friendship with her. But even after Meghan married Harry and became a senior member of the royal family, they didn’t grow closer.

The flowers that Kate sent for Meghan’s birthday were lovely, but she would have preferred Kate to help her during the most difficult times she has experienced in the royal family,” the authors of the book write.

According to them, Kate thought she and Meghan didn’t have much in common, apart from living together in Kensington Palace.

“Kate and William’s pride was evident for the Dukes of Sussex. However, the Dukes of Cambridge were true friends during Harry and Meghan’s time in Britain, but their betrayal ruined everything,” the authors of the book add. / jenata.

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