The Red Carpet of Shame: The 10 Most Ridiculous Outfits at the 2021 Grammy Awards (PHOTOS)

The 63rd Grammy Awards ceremony was held in the USA. So, Billie Eilish won the second year in the nomination “Best Record of the Year”, and Beyoncé broke the record of the artist Alison Krauss, having won 28 statuettes during her stellar career.

But critics paid attention not only to the musical merits of the artists, but also to their outfits.

Doja Cat (Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) – American singer, rapper and producer. The performer decided that there is never too much frankness, and amazed everyone with her extraordinary cleavage

American indie folk rock singer Phoebe Bridgers’ outfit would be perfect for Halloween, but the singer didn’t wait until October and donned it right now.

American actress and singer Noah Lindsay Cyrus chose a sophisticated cut dress, which netizens compared to a pillow for pregnant women

Puerto Rican singer and rapper Bad Bunny (Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) completes his Burberry outfit with a hat with ears so there’s no hint of seriousness.

Harry Styles is a British singer and actor who rose to fame with the band One Direction. He added an unfashionable lilac scarf to the yellow checkered jacket, so viewers won’t have a chance not to notice him.

Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish added some wildlife motifs with unusual camouflage and a ‘dangerous’ manicure

Rapper Chika added some femininity to the sporty look, not forgetting about the frills on the mask

American singer, rapper and actress Lizzo is a worthy fashion rival to Harry Styles, donning a long ruffled dress in a rather odd place.

Dressed as a “predator” in a revealing dress, you can immediately see that she is a musician – violinist Mapy did not fail to take an instrument with her.

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