The Queen of Spain turned heads and got everyone talking about her again because of… (PHOTOS)

The British monarchs are slowly but surely waking up after the vacation, and the Spanish ones seem like they haven’t rested all summer. While the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex indulged in relaxation and entertainment, all the press attention was focused on King Philip VI and his wife Letizia.

The Queen of Spain has long earned the fame of a fashion icon in her country. The world press often compares her outfits with those of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Leticia’s last public appearance again made journalists talk about her.

Together with her husband, the beautiful Spaniard appeared at the official opening of the agro exhibition Salamaq’18 in Salamanca.

For the event, Leticia had chosen a denim dress with a bright belt and stylish high-heeled shoes.

Although in the environment she represents, it is not accepted to wear denim outfits, we must note that the Queen of Spain looks very elegant.

And the media hastened to recall that Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle recently appeared in public with a similar outfit.

In a chic midi-length denim dress, the American beauty supported her partner at a charity polo match.

Looking at the two ladies, we’re sorry to say that royals ignore denim for nothing! They look very stylish in it.

By the way, Queen Letizia recently impressed everyone with another stunning outfit.

Definitely, dresses with a floral print occupy an important part in her wardrobe.

Beauty, grace and sophistication – the ladies of the royal families definitely have something to teach us! /jenata.

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