Su’s PHOTOS anomaly set the web ablaze

What oddities one can come across these days. It seems that women who want to sacrifice almost everything for the sake of being beautiful and collecting a few more likes on social networks do the most strange things.

This is not exactly the story of 23-year-old Su Nein. The visit of the young woman, who is from Myanmar, managed to puzzle all the netizens.

At first glance, there is nothing strange about her photos, but on closer inspection, everyone remains speechless – some numb with horror, others angry with suspected fraud.

The reason for the mass wonder is the incredibly thin waist of the young Su. She clarified that her waist is “just” 34.7 centimeters.

Su has an Instagram account where she posts photos proving her incredible physique almost daily.

Many netizens claim that she is unreal and her thin waist is due to excessive use of Photoshop. Still others say that the young woman must have undergone plastic surgery to remove her ribs in order to have a slim waist. Some suspect that Su may not be eating anything to look like this.

However, the 23-year-old woman revealed the truth. Su is adamant that her waist is thin not because of the listed assumptions, but all due to her genes and hereditary figure. / jenata.

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