Shocking secret emerges after Princess Diana’s death, everyone is horrified

The tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997 was a real shock for the whole world. A royal biographer has described how Lady Di’s ex-husband reacted to this horrific event. His words are more than shocking and hard-hearted.

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Princess Diana died in a car accident at the end of August 1997. It shocked millions of people, and royal biographer Penny Juner has described Prince Charles’ first words after his wife’s death.

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When he heard the sad news, Charles said: “Everybody’s going to blame me now, aren’t they? The world is just going to go crazy. We can hardly imagine now how strong everyone’s reaction will be. It can destroy everything, even the monarchy,” he selfishly declared.

His words, however, turn out to be somewhat prophetic. The backlash after Diana’s death has truly been massive. There is not a person in Britain who reacts indifferently to what happened. People brought flowers, wrote condolences and mourned for their beloved.

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Many blame the royal family for the death of Princess Diana, and the theories vary. A lot of people can’t stand the fact that Prince Charles had a relationship with Camilla Parker. According to them, he made Diana unhappy.

The royal biographer notes that Charles immediately called his friends after hearing the news, seeking support. The first person he called was not just anyone, but Camilla herself.

As for Queen Elizabeth II, according to the royal biographer, relations between her and her son have never been more strained./jenata.

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