Salma Hayek posted a PHOTO of Angelina Jolie without makeup

You must have noticed that there are no photos in the profile of the talented actress and producer Angelina Jolie. Most footage is from different events.

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She always enters the lens of the paparazzi, but how she looks in her everyday life, only those closest to her know.

Angelina almost never takes selfies, and similar photos of her on the social network have only been seen a few times.

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So far, Angelina has also been caught in shots from the set of several productions, where she wore the necessary stage make-up, wig and costume.

Recently, however, Salma Hayek showed a shot of the actress as seen only by her colleagues close to her.

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Users immediately noted that such shots pleasantly surprised them. The actress appeared for the first time in a long time in her unusual environment and with a lot of makeup.

Jolie lays tired, but her face in general makes a very good impression. Her fans find him ever so attractive.

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Angelina’s hair is not styled. However, the star looks very exhausted, unlike in the shots published by the paparazzi. However, it still arouses great interest among all moviegoers.

Fans note that Salma looks much better and healthier than her co-star.

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