Olga Buzova spoke about returning to David Manukyan

Olga Buzova surprised fans with a statement about her readiness to return to her former lover, whose name she has not yet named.

The whole country followed the experiences of the singer after rapper David Manukyan left her. Journalists believe that the star is tired of loneliness.

She was inspired by the example of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck for a promising reunion with her ex, the celebrity admitted in an interview with the TV program.

For several years, 37-year-old Buzova has been trying to solve this problem.

Olga Buzova
Photo: screenshot

She wants to get married, but something does not work out. Against this background, the yearning Olga Buzova came to the conclusion that life could return her to the arms of the former.

But who exactly from the former can take an empty place in the heart of a star is unknown.

When she was on the Dom-2 show, Buzova was in a relationship with Roman Tretyakov.

In 2012, the singer was married to football player Dmitry Tarasov, but the marriage did not last even five years.

After a friendly parting with Manukyan, the star intrigued for a long time either by helicopter flights or by urgent hospitalization, but there were no drastic changes on the amorous front.

But there is another ex-lover Buzova – Timofey Mayorov. It is believed that the singer is thinking about him when she says that she will have to enter the same river twice.

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