No one recognized her! Billionaire Kylie Jenner came out without makeup and shocked all the PHOTOS

The youngest billionaire in the world, Kylie Jenner, went out without a drop of makeup and amazed her fans. Her photos were published by the Daily Mail.

In the footage published on the network, the 22-year-old celebrity goes to the car without shoes with a bag of chips in her hand. Jenner was snapped by the paparazzi with her hair pulled back in an Amiri tracksuit.

Fans of the billionaire did not recognize her and mocked the appearance with comments:

“It can’t be her,” exclaimed one.

“She doesn’t look like the pictures she took. Also, going against the rules is selfish,” said the second.

“So we saw the magic of makeup,” said a third.

“Bare feet … phew,” the latter fumed.

In April, Kylie Jenner explained to her fans that her full figure is not because she is expecting a child. A video of the billionaire appeared on the network three years ago, where she was photographed with fans in a tight short dress.

Users started talking about Jenner’s figure, noting that she used to look much better.

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