Nebahat Chehre from “The Magnificent Century” shocked his fans with this confession

Viewers from all over the world do not stop admiring one of the most famous and titled actresses in Turkey, Nebahat Cehre. The 75-year-old star is often cited as an example by nutritionists because of the way she looks.

Chehre has repeatedly shared with the media how she manages to keep herself in perfect shape. But recently he literally shocked his fans by revealing his “eternal youth” formula.

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According to the 75-year-old star, her perfect appearance is due to a few simple rules that she adheres to all her life.

“I’m not a fan of skin care and I don’t visit beauty salons, but all my life I go to a hammam every two weeks and do an exfoliation. Also, for years I drink a glass of warm water with lemon 40 minutes before breakfast,” says the actress .

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In one of his interviews, Nebahat emphasizes that regular visits to the beauty salon will not save you if you have bad genes, and good skin remains young for a long time and without constant external intervention.

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A large part of the star’s fans were shocked by her words, as they suspected that their favorite spends most of her free time in beauty salons, taking care of her skin. /jenata.

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