Melania’s personal stylist revealed unsuspected secrets about the real first lady

Melania Trump’s stylist revealed curious and very personal details about the first lady of the United States. Mordechai Elvau has been working with the beautiful Slovenian for 13 years.

In an interview with, Elvau tells what the former model is really like.

“She is extremely loving, cheerful and exceptional,” he told the site.

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The stylist noted that when no one is photographing her and there are no strangers around her, Melania behaves in a completely different way. “I would like everyone to know a little more about the true identity of the first lady, to understand that in life she behaves differently.

I think she acts too reserved in front of the cameras when she attends official events. In ordinary life, she is more open, soft and cheerful,” adds the stylist.

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Elvau also says that when she interacts with her children, the first lady of the United States is completely different. In their company, he didn’t have to pretend, so he allowed himself to laugh and joke. When she enters the camera lens, however, she begins to hold back her emotions again, becoming the “Iron Lady”.

According to the stylist, Melania often dislikes her husband. But that didn’t mean she didn’t love him. Her hostility was caused by the fact that it was because of him that she was forced to follow strict rules in public and suppress her true emotions.

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As an example, he points to the fact that Melania often pushes away Donald Trump’s hand when they are together at social events. However, such an action may also indicate that the American president, who has quite strong hands, cannot judge his handshake.

Mordechai Elvau began working with Melania after Japanese Vogue sent him to Trump’s Florida residence in 2005 to do the former model’s wedding hair. According to him, at that time Melania was known only as “the wife of Donald Trump”.

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“I traveled alone to Mar a Lago and I remember we hit it off. She was very impressed with my work and asked me if she could call me regularly. I said yes.

The stylist is adamant that since Melania became one of the most recognizable women in the world, her character and behavior have not changed. /jenata.

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