Kim Kardashian showed off a card from her 4-year-old son that she should be ashamed of as a mother PHOTOS

Recently, reality star and blogger Kim Kardashian shared a photo of a card her son gave her for Mother’s Day. And although the note touches with its naivety, the users of the network think that there is something very wrong in it and she should rethink the way she brings up her children, writes the Daily Mail.

Saint West, 4, made the card especially for his mother. It is a test with questions to which he answers. However, the answers are far sadder than funny. At the very first question, the little boy indicated that his mother was only 11 years old. Needless to say, this is far from the case. But the drama doesn’t end there.

When asked what Mom likes to do, Saint says, “Leave me alone.” Of course, these words did not go down well with anyone.

The next answer that struck Kim was her favorite food. The boy is sure that mom loves asparagus the most.

The following were the points that managed to upset not only the star mother, but also her fans.

When asked what they like to do together, Saint replied, “Buying iPad apps.” The reality star disagreed with that answer.

The last paragraph of the questionnaire struck everyone. In it, the boy admitted that his mother is special because “she hugs him and buys me different things.”

Kim laughed off her son’s response, but Twitter users thought it was no joke and that this type of attitude was far from normal.

“I will never stop laughing at the fact that Saint is telling everyone how Kim leaves him alone with the nannies,” wrote an Instagram user.

“This is such a shame, I don’t understand why he posted it,” shared another outraged subscriber.

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