Fashion icon Victoria Beckham adores this outfit and there’s definitely a reason why PHOTOS

It is not by chance that Victoria Beckham is called a fashion icon. Her style is a feast for the eyes for anyone tired of the bright colors of street style.

Feminine and elegant, the football wife always manages to impress not only men but also women of all ages.

When the star became a designer, she realized that the best model for her clothes was herself. And in almost every public appearance, she is dressed from head to toe in the Victoria Beckham brand.

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And fans of her style know what to pair her new trendy boots with, what pants to pair her colorful shirt with, and what to wear her trendy pencil skirt with.

One of the former Spyska’s favorite clothes is the midi skirt. We can safely say that the star loves midi models, and her skirts are always in a different cut, color and print.

Icon Victoria Beckham brought something very comfortable back into fashion (PHOTOS)

In the designer’s new collection, even a combined light skirt with a check appeared. Victoria combines it with a bright red shirt and jacket.

She confidently mixes several materials in one model.

Everyone was dumbfounded by the vision of Victoria Beckham – she appeared in a dress without a bra and showed her bare flesh, but… (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

She combined such an unusual skirt with a shirt and bright boots with high heels and open toes.

The monochrome white total look dilutes it with a discreet print and accent on the shoes.

In the winter season, this will look very good in the company of a voluminous coat in muted shades and a cozy long scarf. /jenata.

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