Fashion blunder: Selena Gomez shocks with a miniskirt, her breasts overflowing from the bosom

The 27-year-old actress, singer and producer Selena Gomez appeared at the American Music Awards for the first time since 2017.

Alarm: PHOTO of Angelina Jolie shocks the world, what is happening to the actress?

The singer shocked and attracted attention with her dress clothingwhich wasn’t even the right size.

The young generation’s favorite former flame of Justin Bieber had bet on an electric mine a dresswith which he was able to merge reporters, guests and stars.

Angelina Jolie shocks again with an appearance, her drama continues, but…

The dress it’s by Versace, but thank God she wore a second one before the end of the evening toilet – classic and long black dresswith which he took to the stage to sing his hits Lose you to love me and Look at her now.

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After the end of the first performance, however, Selena threw up the black dress and changed by bodysuit, littered with stones. It could be seen from him that the singer’s belly has visibly increased, and the extra pounds have stuck almost everywhere on her body.

Alarm: PHOTO of Angelina Jolie shocks the world, what is happening to the actress?

The socket of her electric miniskirt was redundant according to most fashion critics and miraculously nothing was seen that shouldn’t have been. Well, if Gomez was aiming for a provocation, she definitely got the job done.

Selena later posted a shot on Instagram from the event and wrote, “It’s good to be here again. I’m happy”. /jenata.

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