Fashion blunder: Kim Kardashian became a laughing stock with a cleavage

Kim Kardashian literally managed to kill the fish with her outfit. The beauty had bet on a sexy outfit, but made a terrible mistake without even suspecting it.

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Her shoot made her a laughing stock, and she got into the lenses of all the paparazzi and graced the front pages of the tabloids with her mistake.

The reality star didn’t even realize her blunder at the time.

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Kardashian recently attended her own beauty brand’s Christmas party.

The star opted for a dark sexy mini dress, shiny tights and boots, the latest fashion statement that every girl dreams of.

We wouldn’t have paid any attention to her appearance if it weren’t for her big gaffe – a pantyhose seam that was insidiously visible and accentuated by the dress./jenata.

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