Evening gown queen Jennifer Garner and her stunning looks PHOTOS

She could become a famous ballerina. After all, she spent her entire childhood in front of the loom in the hall. Then he decides that he will become a chemist. And he even enters to study at the chemistry faculty. But when one day she enters the theater, she realizes that she was made for the acting profession.

Jennifer Garner’s tenacity, patience and perseverance know no bounds. After graduating from the acting school, the future star for a long time performed as an understudy for leading actresses.

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It stands in the backyard, patiently waiting for its star hour. And he is waiting for him, getting a role in the TV series “Spy”.

Because of her heroine – a secret agent, Jennifer spares no effort in the gym and begins to study martial arts.

The actress shows an extremely rational attitude towards herself and life and is able to come out of any situation with dignity.

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Just remember her divorce from Ben Affleck, to whom she was married for nearly 15 years and bore him three children.

After all, catching her husband in step with the nanny of her own children, Garner behaved with dignity, did not say a bad word about her unfaithful husband, but simply filed for divorce.

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Her character is also reflected in her dressing style.

Jennifer makes a clear distinction between everyday life and mandatory social events.

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Paparazzi often spot the actress without makeup, with her hair tied in a ponytail, in loose jeans and comfortable sneakers. And some even accuse her of negligence.

Jennifer accepts such reproaches with a smile.

She notes that in her everyday life she dresses comfortably and leaves the glamor for the red carpet.

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And he always keeps his word.

Fashion critics often compliment her classic evening looks.

And there’s definitely a reason.

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At social events, the actress always demonstrates style and class and has never once allowed herself to wear a vulgar outfit with a provocative neckline or a naked dress! /jenata.

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