Brazilian woman with a unique ass was named the new Megan Fox PHOTOS 18+

Brazilian singer Claudia Allende has been called the new Megan Fox. The two women are indeed very similar in appearance, although it is not known for sure whether this is due to nature or to the surgeons. However, this does not affect Claudia’s popularity, on the contrary, it helps her a lot.

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The Brazilian was born on October 9, 1993. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a lawyer. As a child, Claudia is a real daredevil, hangs out with boys, loves video games and doesn’t think about becoming a model.

At the age of 20, the girl moved from her native Francisco Beltrao to Sao Paulo. Klavdia takes second place in the Miss Boom Boom pageant, where contestants are judged on their butts. Journalists immediately noticed the girl’s incredible resemblance to Hollywood actress Megan Fox. That’s how Claudia became famous.

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True, the Brazilian surpasses Meghan in splendor. Claudia is not only involved in the modeling business, but is also quite a successful singer in her native Brazil. By the way, she dreams of fame in the cinema.

Over 9 million people are subscribed to her account. The girl likes to emphasize her appetizing forms with corsets and does not shy away from spicy photos.

Of course, her fans get excited about this type of photos and write her comments like this:

“You are perfection itself”

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“You look dazzling”

“Just awesome.”

“Marry me”

“sex queen” /jenata.

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