A PHOTO of Meghan Markle with another man has blown up the web

Each new photo of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle causes a real sensation and becomes a reason for heated discussions on the network. Especially when it comes to old photographs of the Duchess, taken long before she became famous.

These days, hundreds of thousands of users got the opportunity to see what the former actress looked like when she was 16 years old. The shot that literally blew up the web was taken at the school Christmas party.

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And the most interesting thing is that on it the teenager poses next to her first love, Luis Segura.

The photograph is from the distant year 1997. In it, Meghan and Louis pose in elegant outfits against the background of the Christmas tree.

For the occasion, Markle’s friend showed up in a strict classic double-breasted suit, and the future duchess in an elegant black dress with sequins with a rather impressive neckline.

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Next to her first love, Markle is literally beaming with happiness.

Meghan and Louis have been dating for about two years. After the separation, they managed to maintain their friendly relations. To this day, Segura harbors very warm feelings for his former love.

Fans of the duchess were quick to note that the years had not taken their toll on Markle in any way. Prince Harry’s wife is still as young and attractive as when she was 16 years old.

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Her admirers do not hide their surprise at how the American managed to preserve her beauty and youth.

“Is she even aging? I really thought this was a new pic!” wrote a netizen.

“Her appearance hasn’t changed at all!” another admired. /jenata.

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