The consequences of Russia’s withdrawal from the grain deal: the US State Department turned to Moscow

The US State Department turned to Moscow for clarification after Russia finally withdrew from the grain deal.

As it became known, the United States is ready to resolve any issue in order to resume the food initiative. But Moscow is waiting for clarification.

Washington is waiting for clarification on what the Kremlin is trying to achieve by putting forward conditions for the resumption of the grain deal.

First of all, Russia needs to clarify what it is asking for, – the Rossiya Segodnya news agency quotes a statement by James O’Brien, head of the sanctions department of the State Department.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Note, the official, that for its part the United States is ready to help in resolving the issues that have accumulated on the Russian side, but so far it is simply not clear “what Russia considers success.”

It was further stated that in the context of resolving the issue of food on a planetary scale with the involvement of Russian exports with the participation of the UN and Turkey, this scheme works.

According to O’Brien, Russia’s claims to a well-functioning system “appear to be insignificant.”

Recall that according to the terms of the agreement, the Russian part of the deal was designed for three years.

The memorandum provided for unblocking the export of Russian food and fertilizers, as well as reconnecting Rosselkhozbank to SWIFT.

Russia also demanded the resumption of supplies of agricultural machinery spare parts, the restoration of the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline, and put forward other conditions.

But as President Putin noted, these terms of the deal were not met, despite all the efforts of the UN, and the Western countries were not going to do this.

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